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The Luxury of Eyelash Extensions

As one of the many things a woman does to look youthful, giving the appearance of longer and fuller eyelashes is a permanent part of the American look. To achieve this more naturally than strip eyelashes, consider eyelash extensions. As licensed estheticians with specialty education in the application of eyelash extensions, you can trust the results from De Romano Skin Care.

We have a variety of eyelash lengths, looks and styles to choose from. The extensions can last up to 3 weeks. But with regular touch-ups they last as long as you desire. There’s never a need for mascara. Be sure to keep oily products away from the extensions directly.

Eyelash and Eyebrow Tinting

During your Eyelash Tinting treatment, we carefully dye your lashes with safe, natural tints, to give them a natural, luscious, darker appearance. We offer a variety of different tints to choose from to complement your skin and hair coloring.
During your Eyebrow Tinting treatment, we start by applying Vaseline to the skin surrounding the hair. This will protect your skin by preventing the dye from bleeding onto it. We then paint the tint directly onto the brow. The dye takes about 10-15 minutes to set, and any residue is gently removed with a wet cloth. This only colors the existing hairs, and can last 2-3 weeks.

You can benefit from these treatments if you do a lot of water or land sports, you're sensitive to make-up, or simply make your make-up daily routine faster. If you have fine eyebrows, the tint will help enhance and frame our face. eyelash tinting will help those sensitive to mascara, or just to enhance your look!


Eyelash Extentions

We offer a wide variety of colors and thickness for a natural look. We are confident that our products last 3-5weeks.


Benefits of Waxing over shaving is that it lasts longer than shaving because it pulls the hair from the roots. No cuts or nicks that can leave you with scars. Especially if you have skin susceptible to discoloration even for a minor cut. Waxing makes the hair grow slower and finer.

Lips -$15

On Women, the upper lip and lower lip is a place that hair grows naturally. Waxing the upper and lower lip is a simple process that involves skin temperature wax, a quick pull, and no residue. We also use tweezers to provide a completely hair free lip.

Chin - $15 and up

Waxing is a way to eliminate unwanted chin hair in a matter of seconds. A proper chin waxing will help your hair to grow back thinner, more slowly, or not at all.

Eyebrows - $20 and up

Eyebrow waxing helps eliminate the tedium and long-lasting pain of other methods. We have honed their craft to provide eyebrow waxing services that are precise, quick, and long lasting. If you wax your eyebrows consistently, this may eliminate the hair in that area.

Nose - $15

Nose waxing is a perfect way for any unwanted hairs that grow on the nose. Unsightly hair can be removed in a matter of seconds.

Ears - $15

The ears are a sensitive area, but unfortunately, hair grows there for many individuals. Hair cannot be removed from within the ear through waxing, but external hair can be. If you do have unwanted hair on your earlobes, being the ears or on the edge of your ear, ear waxing is a service to get rid of hair in even the most difficult areas.

Cheeks - $15 and up

For Men and Women hair on the cheeks usually grows in light, but can quickly become unsightly. Waxing the cheeks is a convenient way to begin eliminating the daily hassle of shaving. Sometimes but not often, hair is too thick or long to properly shave.


½ Leg - $20 and up | Full Leg - $60 and up
We know what it's like to have unwanted hair. It’s not just about what hair we remove, but about creating smooth and healthy looking skin!

Bikini Area - $25 and up

We remove unwanted hair outside your panty line and a little off the top to create a clean and natural shape.